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We know exactly how hard it is for you to accept card payments on your store, especially if you are from one of the non-supported countries by Stripe.
We have figured out how to fix everything for you, and we are going to take care of everything from A to Z for you to have a company here in the UK and a Business Stripe account fully verified and approved wherever you are, at such an affordable price!

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More free bonuses with your Premium package

Shopify payments


With the premium package, our team will help you set up Shopify payments on your Shopify store to accept card payments.

PayPal UK


With the premium package, our team will help you set up your own business PayPal UK account with the company we are going to create you.

Payoneer UK


With the premium package, our team will help you set up your own business Payoneer UK account with the company we are going to create you.

Tide UK


With the company we are going to create you here in the United Kingdom you can partner up with Tide, and our team will help you with that.

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We take great pride in the level of support we provide to our clients. We typically respond in less than an hour and are often available for instant live chat.

Our mission

At our company, we’re dedicated to helping you increase revenue from your online store. By not accepting card payments, you could be missing out on a significant amount of potential income. That’s why we’re committed to guiding you through the process of becoming legally accepted by major payment gateways, including Stripe. With our assistance, you can rest assured that you won’t be leaving any money on the table. Let us help you maximize your earnings and grow your business.

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Sure, Stripe lets you link the same account to more than one store.

We accept Wise, Payoneer, Bank transfer or card payment (a 3% fee applies if you want to pay using your card)

P.S. We don’t accept PayPal payments since they don’t accept our business model.
Short answer: No
Long answer: You don’t need to use a VPN since we are going to verify your Stripe account with your real home address, even if stripe does not  support your country, your real address will be used as your home address, and the UK address we are going to give to your company is going to be used as your business address, so your Stripe account is going to have two addresses, a UK business address + your real address used as your home address. Therefore,  you don’t need to use a VPN.
Yes absolutely,
  • if you are not following their terms of service..
  • Selling illegal products or ones that are not accepted by Stripe.
  • Not shipping orders to your customers.
  • Pretty much anything that decreases customer satisfaction.

We usually take from 4-6 days to finish orders, but in some rare cases we may take up to 7 business days

We need two things from you:
1. Either your ID card or passport
2. Your bank statement or a utility bill that includes your name, address and  dated within the last 3 months (it should have a date on it so we know when the document was created)

Corporate tax in the United kingdom is 19% from the profit you make each year, click here to learn more about that topic.

You don’t have to pay VAT since you are a drop-shipper making less than £85,000 a year.

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