Frequently asked questions

Sure, Stripe lets you link the same account to more than one store.

We accept Wise, Bank transfer or card payments.

Short answer: No
Long answer: You don’t need to use a VPN since we going to verify your Stripe account with your real home address, even if Stripe doesn’t support your country, your real address will be used as home address, and the UK or US address we going to give your company gonna be used as business address, so your Stripe account going to have two addresses, a UK or US business address + your real address used as home address, and for that you don’t need to use a VPN.

We usually take from 3-6 days to finish orders, but in some rare cases we may take up to 9 business days

We need two things from you:
1. Either your ID card or passport
2. Your bank statement or an utility bill that has your name and address on it dated within the last 3 months (it should have a date on it so we know when the document was created)

For the UK

As of the time this is being written, corporate tax in the United kingdom is 19% from the profit you make each year, click here to learn more about that topic.

For a US LLC:

Let’s break it down step by step:

  • Pass-through Taxation: A US LLC is typically considered a “pass-through” entity. This means the company itself doesn’t pay taxes on its income. Instead, the profits (or losses) “pass through” to the owner and are reported on their personal tax forms.
  • US Source Income: If your US LLC makes money from selling goods or providing services within the US, you might owe taxes on that income. This can vary depending on the state your company is registered in.
  • No US Activities: If your LLC doesn’t do business within the US and you, as the owner, aren’t a US resident, then typically you won’t owe US federal income tax. However, you should always check the local tax rules of the state where your LLC is formed.
  • Annual Reports: While this isn’t a tax, many states require LLCs to submit an annual report and pay a fee. This keeps your company in good standing.
  • Get Expert Advice: Tax rules can be complex, especially if you’re doing business in multiple countries or states. It’s a smart move to consult with a tax expert who can guide you based on your specific business situation.

Remember, staying informed and compliant is key to ensuring your business runs smoothly!